Frequently asked questions:

When you obtain a Bomb or Dynamite, whether through digging or direct purchase on the market, you can find them in your Consumables tab in your profile or by hovering over your profile icon on the top right of the screen.

Consumables like Bombs and Dynamites are potent items that provide a significant boost to your excavations. Dynamites can instantly clear any tile, while Bombs can clear entire maps in an instant. You'll get more value from them if you save them for use in higher-level maps.

Higher-level maps offer more XP, Chronos, and a drop rate buff, but excavations on them take longer. If you are a low-level player, it's advisable to dig on lower-level maps instead.

The base drop rates for each card rarity can be found in the Open Packs section.

No, digging shares the same base drop rates as pack opening, but the drop rates for excavations increase by 10% per map level (with a +100% bonus on a level 10 map).

Only one account is allowed per user. Having multiple Chronogram accounts is against the terms of use, and players caught with multiple accounts will be banned.

You can purchase or sell cards to other players for Chronos directly on our marketplace.

Achievements serve as an informative guide for players on Chronogram. All achievements, except for the "complete one set" achievement, provide valuable information. Check the achievements section for more details.

Knowing how many sets you've completed helps you track your progress in the game. Additionally, each completed set reduces your digging time by 1.25%.

There is no maximum player level in Chronogram.

Yes, your digging time is reduced by 0.25% per level. This reduction reaches a maximum of 25% at level 101.

Excavation cannot be reduced to less than 15 minutes.

Chronos are the in-game currency for Chronogram. They cannot be bought from other players or sold to other players.

You can obtain Chronos by excavating on any map or by burning cards you no longer desire.

The primary use of Chronos is to purchase card packs within the game.